HighRoad Wealth Advisors, LLC.

Born out of an era of Wall Street greed, bank bailouts, government shutdowns, ponzi schemes, and corporate scandal, HighRoad Wealth Advisors was created to give its clients a place where they could feel comfortable knowing that the corporate focus is centered on the success of its clients.

HighRoad Wealth Advisors was strategically created as an independent financial services firm. Why was that so important to us?

Independence gives us complete control to create the corporate culture that we desire. Decisions are made locally by local ownership, not by layers of management located far from our local community and disconnected from its people.

Being an independent corporation means no outside influence or pressure from stockholders. A company with stockholders must always act in the stockholders best interests and often for the best interest of the stock price. We have no outside influences so we are free to act for the best interests of our clients.

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170 S. 2nd Street, Suite 201
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420 United States


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