13 Sep 2022

Festival Events and Road Closures

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Summer may be winding down, but the fun is just beginning here on the South Coast! The Bay Area Fun Festival, also known as the greatest last party of the summer, happens here in Coos Bay and surrounding areas on Saturday and Sunday, September 17th and 18th! Please be aware, that due to the festival events, there will be posted parking restrictions and various street closures to accommodate the Prefontaine 10K run, the parade, and vintage car cruise.  In addition, the City Hall parking lot will be closed to all public parking from 5:00 p.m. on September 16th through September 18th.


The event route begins at Anderson Avenue and S 4th Street. It continues west on Anderson Avenue onto Central Avenue, then Ocean Boulevard up to Norman Street where the participants will turn around to proceed back down Ocean Boulevard.  Proceeding onward to Central Avenue, turning south on S 10th Street, then passing Blossom Gulch Elementary School, turning east onto Elrod Avenue then south onto S 9th Street.  The route ends at the Marshfield High School, in the track/football field.  See the map below for depiction of the run route.

Roads around the route will be closed on Saturday, September 17th between 9:00 am – 11:30 am


The parade route begins at Golden Avenue and S 4th Street.  The parade will proceed north on S 4th Street to Commercial Avenue and turn east onto Commercial Avenue towards 2nd Street where it will turn south onto 2nd Street towards Anderson Avenue.  Proceeding west onto Anderson Avenue towards S 2nd Street, it will turn south onto S 2nd Street and proceed to the end at or near S 2nd and Golden Avenue.  See the map below for depiction of the parade route.

On Saturday, September 23rd, streets around the parade route will be closed starting 12:30 pm and are estimated to open back up around 2:15 pm.


The Cruz staging area will begin at Bolden Avenue and S 2nds Street.  Cars will make their way to the starting point of the Cruz by heading north on S 2nd Street to Anderson Avenue where they will then weave their way up and down 2nd, 3rd, and 4th streets.  See the map below for a depiction of the cruise route.

Road closures around the route will begin at 5:30 pm on Saturday, September 17th and are estimated to open back up around 8:00 pm.